Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Good Changes

Things have not quite been the same, over these last couple of months, but in my heart I know, they are good, maybe working towards being even better than before!

At first, when I came home from the hospital, Alyssa seemed a bit mad at me for my month away.  My first interaction with her was at school.  I joined my mother-in-law to pick Alyssa up from school at the end of the day.  We had ample time.  I couldn't wait for the bell, so I went into the school to look for Alyssa.  There she was, strolling down the hallway, tight to the wall, feeling any and all textures, as she passed them by.  I went up to her, knelt before her and said, “Hi Alyssa, its mommy.”  She looked at me and in a real deep tone said, “hi mommy”.  Her grumble told me, I was in big trouble!  She gave me a hug and went on her way.  That night, she was wound up, yet distant, and in her own world.  It took about three days before she started getting close to me.  It took even longer for the special moments, like sitting on the couch together. 

Over the holiday break from school, when Alyssa did not have her friends to engage with, I noticed she seemed different.  I was, and still am, on driving restriction, so over the two week break I wasn’t able to take her anywhere.  That time was also a time of needed rest and recovery for me, so we didn’t have friends over to our house either.  I felt bad we didn’t do or plan more entertainment during that time, but realized certain limitations applied and those limitations would be temporary. 

Here we are, the end of January, Alyssa had her first opportunity to go to a friend’s house, after school yesterday.  Last night, there was a change, a good change.  Alyssa seemed genuinely happy last night.  She giggled, smiled and was engaged with both mommy and daddy.  Her hour with her friend, made a difference.  It’s kind of funny because Alyssa and her friend did not sit down and play together, per say.  Alyssa roamed the environment and explored all the different toys.  She went from room to room and scoured each location for desirable items.  She found many things, including a necklace that caught her eye and entertained her for a long time.  It was really neat because you could see she was enjoying herself, just by being exposed to all the new and different things.  I find it interesting how just being in a different environment made such a difference for her.  I can only hope we get more of those opportunities, to intrigue and inspire something new, something different.  

Over these next months, I hope we can reach out more, embracing change, while seeking new good experiences.  For me, to see Alyssa happy is the best experience ever.  And, I have been graced with more time and the chance to see her happiness.  This is absolutely beautiful!  I thank Alyssa’s friend for making it happen this time!  I look forward to the next.       

Thank you for reading and have a great week!  Angie

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