Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Alyssa Buzz

In 1998, Lindsay Lohan was featured in The Parent Trap.  I loved her (back then).  She was beautiful, sweet, innocent, fun and all the things you would want to see in a young aspiring actress.  Over the past couple of years, Lindsay went from admired to shameful.  Sad really!  When I saw the latest allegation, this week, of Lindsay Lohan stealing a necklace, I was disgusted.  What has happened to this girl?  She has (or had) it all.  She has fame, beauty, talent and so much more.  Why would someone take their fame and throw it all away to DUI’s and theft?  Perplexing to me, you can be given a gift, a talent, and choose not to use the gift, the way it was intended.

I feel strongly, if people have fame, talent and are in the limelight in front of our children, they should have no easy ride; they should have to follow the same rules as everyone else.  I almost wish they had stricter rules.  Bottom line, they need to know, they are impacting our kids and we need them to set the right example within their fame, at all times.  It’s okay if you make a mistake, but know the consequence.  I am not picking on Lohan.  I feel for her.  I see so much in her, she must not see in herself anymore.  It’s sad to watch a person with such self destructive behavior. 

What if you have a gift and have no way to use it?  I look at my Alyssa.  She is so beautiful.  TO ME!!  I realize, I am the victim of a bias viewpoint.  I am her mom.  HA!   In my defense, I look at her smile and it melts me.  The last couple of years, she has really come into herself.  I think Alyssa could be a model.  Many others have said the same.  Maybe I am not imagining.  HA 

Then, I come to realize, Alyssa has the potential to not have the same chances in life as other children.  I feel demolished!  I dream of Alyssa having a “place” in the future, a real purpose.  What if something happens to me?  In many cases, when the primary care person is no longer available, for a child with significant needs, that child will end up in a group home of sorts.  I can’t have that!  I wonder what her future will look like.  The more Alyssa learns, the more independent she becomes, the more opportunity she will have.  What are the possibilities?  I hope, I worry, I pray.  Is there a future for Alyssa?

A favor to ask of you…. I would like to ask everyone to share my website with one another.  I would like to ask for you to envision my Alyssa having a future and success!  Believe in her!  Pass her on to everyone!  Alyssa has so much to offer the world.  With all of us joining together and creating an “Alyssa buzz”, she may get a chance.  A chance to show the world what unconditional love looks like.  If you believe Alyssa can have success, please share her beautiful face.  This is what fame should look like……happy, healthy, sweet, beautiful, full of love and compassion for others; all of that, plus a natural goodness.  I believe, every time a person shares Alyssa with another, Alyssa gains a chance in life.  So, I ask you to help me.  Let’s create the “Alyssa buzz” and open the door of opportunity for her and at the least, show her how much we BELIEVE in her capability, her future!

Thank you for reading.  I will continue to publish on Wednesdays.  Have a great day!!  Angie

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