Wednesday, June 15, 2011


A friend of mine shared, she really likes to read the comments left by others.  So, I thought it might be fun to share the comments that have come to me by email.  As I went through my folder, reviewing all the comments again, I was extremely touched.  I didn’t include all of the comments because there were so many, although, there weren’t any negative ones.  These expressions mean the world to us and have brought many happy tears.  Thank you all for being a part of our journey and for continuing to share this with others too!

For the sake of privacy, I will put the quotes in, without names. 

“I completely fell in Love with Alyssa this year. I also want to tell you how much I respect you for everything that you guys do for Alyssa. I know it's not easy and you don't get direct gratification for things you do for her so I hope that you know that IT MATTERS and makes a difference. Alyssa is SO incredibly lucky to have you guys.”

“WOW!!  Those are AMAZING pictures!!  Of course, the subject matter is absolutely beautiful!! : )  Thanks for the reminder and the wonderful message - your blog continues to be an inspiration to me!!”

“Angie......I love you.....Thanks so much for sharing Alyssa's journey and your journey as Alyssa's mom. You, my beautiful lady, truly are an inspiration as is your beautiful daughter.”

“Hi Angie, I wish I had your faith and wisdom. I am very low and appreciated the words in the posting.”

“I thought your blog was a wonderful reminder to parents to let their child experience life, good or bad, so they can grow.  I have to remind myself constantly to let my girls do just that and they are in their 20's.”

“Her smile makes everyone’s day. “  “She is always smiling.  What a precious gift you have been given.”

“I have seen this lovely picture of Alyssa numerous times, but I am one of the "lucky ones" to see her beautiful face often!  She is a "delight" & she has a special place in my heart!!”

“Beautiful.  My daughter really likes Alyssa and talks about her almost every day.  She thinks Alyssa is terrific and last week we had to purchase black berries to be just like Alyssa.”

“Thanks for making me cry this morning, more out of the joy you so well conveyed in your last post but also some tears of sadness that all children don't have loving mothers like Alyssa that advocate for what's best in their lives. I especially like the fact that given enough space children will usually find beautiful ways of connecting with each other and adults (parents and teachers, especially) for the most part just need to let children find themselves, each other if we can just keep from trying to mold them into what we think they should be.  I really enjoy reading your posts as they remind me to keep focused on what's truly important in life...Love, Peace, Gratitude, Joy.  Thank you again for an uplifting message.  Peace and love.”

“I can't tell you how many times I wish I wouldn't have reacted and felt "crumbled" like you said. It's one of the hardest moments of being a parent. I totally agree with you that our kids are our teachers, and I too thank God for giving me my kids, as hard and humbling as being a mother can be at times.”

“I've been reading your writings; I like what you have to say. I also did not know you were that talented of a writer. I am very impressed and I don't impress easily.  lol”

“Wow.  You are a beautiful writer. It brings tears of joy to my eyes each time I read your writings.  I am so in awe of what you have done with Alyssa and what she has done for you.  It is a miracle.”

“Your messages and words of wisdom always seem so timely!!  As parents, especially what I'm experiencing right now with raising teenagers!!  It is so much easier to try to stop the behavior or immediately react to being disappointed by their behavior instead of really seeing and feeling the whole picture.  Your story with Alyssa brought tears to my eyes as I've reacted way too quickly, way too many times with my own kiddos!!  How fantastic that Alyssa was able to feel your emotions and respond with such an appropriate and mature connection - you're awesome Ms. Alyssa!!  Thanks for sharing such intimate experiences about your life with Alyssa and parenting - it is so helpful and heart and mind awakening on many levels!!”

“I just want you to know that I have not been able to read any or your posts without shedding tears, tears of gratitude, hope, love, joy. Thank you again for sharing your heart and soul with all of us. This post reminds me of the many times that I've heard my sweet sister say "There is only one of us here" and how we approach each day and each moment of each day has an impact on the outer world and the people in it. I think that if we can all live each moment with gratitude in our hearts, each moment becomes a sacred tribute to all the love, truth, peace and beauty that is promised to all and by doing so we strengthen the connection that exists between each other and all other forms of life also. Thank you for sharing the lessons you and Alyssa have learned together with the rest of us.”

“Angie, thank you for such inspiring posts. I look forward to your post every week.”

“Wow, that last paragraph really hit home. I think we all suffer from internal erosion and you are so right, we need each other to help deal with life. That's why we have each other. Richard Bach once wrote "there is no problem without a gift in it for you; you seek problems because you need their gifts." By reaching out, you are giving people the opportunity to be gifts to one another. Thanks, Angie”

“I just want you to know how much I love reading your blog and getting to know Alyssa...she is just wonderful and I *love* her!  I look forward to your post every Wednesday :)”

“As always, I enjoyed your latest post and the message you convey in each one. You and your daughter share a message of hope that encourages us all to find better ways to treat ourselves and others.  Thank you so much.”

“Just wanted to let you know that I appreciate your blog. Your love for Alyssa oozes from the words. Thank you for sharing your experience. I can only imagine that many find strength and reassurance in your sharing.”

“You always make me cry (in a good way). Thanks for sharing and making my life richer.”

I enjoyed the last 5 postings that you did, since I've been very behind on my email since I've been traveling.  Your words are inspiration and your dedication so admirable.  Hang in there and thanks for including me!”

“Well, I was going to start on my on-line open water diver course for scuba and opened Angie's website and shed tears more than once and at times continuously while reading of beautiful little Alyssa and was filled with such deep feelings of gratitude at being able to share in the wonderful experience of a bright, loving and beautiful little girl named Alyssa. Thank you so much. I couldn't stop reading till I got to the end and wanted more. Angie is a very talented writer who can convey more heartfelt emotion in a few words than most people can in paragraphs. I will share her website with as many people as I can and I hope it makes them cry like I did.”

“Your story is beautiful, moving and very inspiring!!!  I believe with all my heart you are giving strength and courage to thousands.  You and Alyssa are changing lives.”

Again, I would like to thank you ALL, so much.  Without readers, I would feel pretty silly writing every week.  Hugs, Angie

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