Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Simple Pleasures

I was at the grocery store this morning.  I often feel punished, while at the grocery store, bound by the expense and caught in the middle of making the right choice and spending the extra dollars needed to eat healthy.  This morning was different.  I met Jim.  Jim was sent to the store by his daughter-in-law (I believe that is what he said).  He came to me asking for a little help with his list.  First, he asked, “is there such a thing as green onions?”  I smiled and replied, “Yes!”  I took him to the scallions.  A few minutes later, Jim came back.  Next, he said, “do you know what these are?”  I looked at his list and read, grape tomatoes.  I admire his daughter-in-law for being specific, since there are so many different kinds of tomatoes.  Jim had some pretty difficult items on his list, so I continued to help, gathering ginger root, sugar snap peas and cole slaw mix.  Having shopped at this store for seven years, I knew right where the items were.  It was so much fun for me to help him find what he needed.  I am glad he perceived me as approachable.  After we collected all the items required from the produce section, Jim gently put out his hand to shake mine.  He introduced himself and shared, he was 85 years old.  I never would’ve guessed.  Age is just a number.  He was a pleasure to meet.  This was a priceless experience, a true freebie at the grocery store. 

Yesterday, Alyssa and I were in the living room.  She was bouncing on her ball, giggling away.  I began to tap the ball with my foot and with every touch, I would say, “boom”.  After several taps and booms, I accidentally tapped the ball when she was up in the air.  She literally went BOOM, on her bum, to the floor!  She started cracking up laughing, hopped right back up on the ball and started bouncing again.  The next hour was filled with extreme and rejuvenating silliness!  Her pleasure, smile and laughter impacted me greatly.  I got to smile and giggle too!

When I was a child, my mom would make us “egg in the hole” for breakfast.  If you have never had one, it’s simply buttered bread, with a hole cut in the center, where you can crack and drop the egg into, then cook and serve.  We loved them, as kids.  And, I can honestly say, I still do.  Egg in the hole was always a favorite and eating them without utensils was a bonus.  After all, it looks a lot like toast.  One day, I decided to make them for Alyssa.  She looked almost confused.  How did the egg get in the middle of her toast?  She picked it up, examined it thoroughly, and then took a cautious bite, followed by many more ambitious ones.  The same old breakfasts were not that exciting anymore, but this was fun and new, even though it was still just egg and toast.  I am not sure what she liked more, the egg in the hole or freedom to eat this delight with her fingers.  She ate two.  I was overjoyed she liked them.

Sometimes, the littlest things can bring great enjoyment to our day.  Although the last few weeks have been littered with many challenges, I am thankful for other experiences I have had.  They have served as reminders to me.  What’s important does not seem to be the depth of the strain, but the things we do to enlighten our spirit.  With summer upon us, this is such a great opportunity to go for a hike, pick some flowers, sit in the sprinkler, get some rays, take a jeep ride, and embrace all the beauty around us.  I hope to offset, the things I have allowed to distract me, from other great things, like life’s simple pleasures. 

I would like to thank Kara, with Kara Wright Photography, for capturing so many beautiful pictures of Alyssa!  You are incredibly talented!  We are incredibly thankful!  

Thank you for reading and have a great week!  Angie 

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